Engelhart secures first victory of the year for Konrad Motorsport

The first victory of the season is there: With a perfect performance Konrad-Motorsport-Spearhead Christian Engelhart claimed the top-position in Sunday’s race at the Nürburgring. After position three on Saturday he became the by far most successful driver of the weekend. Also Rolf Ineichen had reason to celebrate: He finished first and third in the B-class and now leads the overall standings of his class with a comfortable gap.

Christian Engelhart had set the cornerstone for the biggest success of the season already with the fastest lap in Saturday’s qualifying. For the first time in his career he claimed the pole-position in the Porsche Carrera Cup. As the lights went green on Sunday, he reacted quickly and defended his leading position successfully. In the next laps the race became really exciting, because Michael Christensen, who was driving in second and had fresh tires mounted on his car, put a lot of pressure on the Konrad-Driver. For the joy of the spectators the two professional drivers had a tough battle, but the man from Kösching showed a flawless performance and crossed the finish line first.

“This was definitely one of the hardest races in my career,” Engelhart explained after his success. It was the second podium-finish of the weekend for him: Already in the race on Saturday the Porsche-expert had secured the third place. With the two top-results the 26-year-old made a big jump in the overall standings and now covers position three with 139 points.

Also Rolf Ineichen is currently riding the wave of success. The businessman from Switzerland dominated the B-class in the run on Saturday and crossed the finish line with an advance of more than six seconds. “Today things went really perfect,” he celebrated his fourth win of the season. Also in the total results he covered an respectable 15th position and thereby even left many competitors from the A-class behind. In the second race he had some trouble after he lost his front lip but still saved the third place. He now leads the overall standings of the B-class with a comfortable gap of 19 points.

In contrast to this team-mates Christopher Zoechling had a rather mediocre weekend. Already after qualifying the Austrian was dissatisfied: “I had to fight with huge understeer and therefore not reached the top-10,” he explained. From starting positions in the mid-field he finished 19th on Saturday and at least scored some championship points with the 13th place on Sunday. “In the next races things will be better,” he showed his confidence.

Everyone who wants to watch the successful races again on TV, can do so already on Monday: At 6.30 PM German TV-station “n-tv” will broadcast an extensive summary in “PS – Porsche Carrera Cup Magazin”. Also on Saturday, August 24, “sport1” will report about the weekend at 6.00 PM. The next races in Germany’s fastest one-make-cup will be held from 12th to 14th September in Oschersleben.

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